Jibber Jabber – The needs of the many, Ms. Eastland

Chad T. Jones, Public Affairs Officer

Jabber Nation, it’s fair to say our friend Marcia Eastland is almost as dominant with words as her UCONN Huskies basketball team is on the court. I don’t even care if she put me on blast.

Speaking of which, let me clarify a few things Marcia said regarding my thoughts on the Lady Huskies. Everything Marcia mentioned about UCONN’s greatness is true and has given women’s basketball a larger spotlight than it’s ever had.

The problem is, the spotlight is shined solely on one team: The UCONN Huskies. Call me a Trekkie, but Spock had it right when he said, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few [insert dramatic pause] or the one.”

The UCONN Huskies are the greatest things since sliced bread, the Corvette or 1990/91 UNLV Running Rebels. (You’re welcome for the Poison and “Grandma-ma.”)

They may be on par with Tiger Woods in his prime or Serena. Both of them brought their sports to unparalled heights by dominating the competition. Serena is still doing it.

However, look at what happened to the PGA after Tiger starting stinking: The entire sport snap-hooked into the trees. Golf on Sunday was must-see TV — as long as Tiger was playing.

Now, when’s the last time you’ve watched a round of golf?

Answer me this: Assuming you watch women’s college basketball, when’s the last time you watched a game not involving UCONN?

In fact, text me the next time you find a women’s game on basic cable that doesn’t involve the Huskies — NCAA Tournament not included.

That lack of general exposure is not a good thing for a sport that generally lacks exposure, especially if that sport wants to expand.

Think about it. Now that UCONN reached the mythical 100 wins in a row, the biggest story in women’s basketball is not UCONN winning. It’s when will UCONN lose.

If, and when, that happens, what’s the story going to be? Are we going to have to wait for UCONN to go another two or three seasons without losing before the public cares about women’s basketball again?

As long as women’s college basketball can be boiled down to UCONN and everyone else, the answer will continue to be yes. That’s not me being mean or sexist. That’s just the truth.

Columnist note: The entire Public Affairs Office sends its condolences to the Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion who lost one of its members on Saturday. Our thoughts and prayers are with Lance Cpl. James Walden and the entire MCSB family.

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