Professional sports teams want your videos

MeadeTV and the Fort Meade Garrison Public Affairs Office can either film your video or help upload it on the proper website. (Photo courtesy of DVIDS (Defense Video Imagery Distribution System))

Calling all fans of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders and MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays!

Both teams are looking for videos of fans showing their support —video shoutouts that are played on Jumbotrons during the teams’ home games.

First, the Raiders are looking for shoutouts from every branch of service, no matter where they’re serving, just as long as they are fanatic about the “Silver & Black.”

Fans are encouraged to wear their team gear and get creative. The most important thing is to show enthusiasm and team spirit.

The videos are scheduled to be played during the Nov. 26 game against the Denver Broncos.

Fans who are considering making a video should not reference the opponent, so the video can be used for different games.

The deadline is Nov. 22. The Raiders, however, will start playing shoutouts at their first home game on Sept. 17 for videos completed early.

The Tampa Bay Rays are looking for shoutouts from service members who have family in the Tampa Bay Area, preferably in the 727 and 813 area codes.

The Rays will invite up to four family members to a Rays game for the surprise shoutout that will be played on the center field Jumbotron.

Anyone volunteering for this must be willing to send the Rays the family’s contact information. They also have to be willing to keep the family in the dark to ensure the surprise factor.

The Rays have no deadline; the baseball season ends in October.

MeadeTV can help you make the video happen. If you get really creative and would like to make your own, MeadeTV and the Fort Meade Garrison Public Affairs Office can upload it for you to the proper website.

If you’d just like someone to film your video, MeadeTV can help with that as well.

For more information or to set up a video shoot, email, or stop by the Public Affairs Office at 4409 Llewellyn Ave.

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