Jibber Jabber – A tad bit Jibberish


Chad T. Jones, Public Affairs Officer

All that hype about the NBA Finals dashed in a quarter — Golden State in six games? More like Golden State in six days — well, technically 12, since there is a half-a-week between each “contest.”

I was banking so much on this series that my vile, normally filled with your weekly dose of Jibber, is dry as the Sahara.

A ramble about the pending Little League playoffs could be cute. I could weave in the tale of a boy named “Cheese.”

Cheese wanted to play third base — or at least he wanted to stand there — but he was more interested in whatever was going on in his head. That is until a line shot caught him in the wrong place. Now “Momma Cheese” may never be “Grandma Cheese.”

I could also brag about the Jones Boys —YDJ and YJ3 —dominating the skills competition during all-star Saturday, but you’ve heard enough about how awesome my kids are.

So instead, I’ll just cut things short, be hungry, and hope the finals turn itself around before I have to write about NFL free agency, the Comey hearings, or the ridiculously premature claim that Kevin Durant and Steph Curry are the greatest duo in NBA history.

Actually, regardless of whether Golden State wins or loses by next week, the claim by NBA analyst and former coach Jeff Van Gundy is so ridiculous, I’m going to have to do some research and tell you what’s up next week.

Until then, if you have comments on this or anything to do with sports, contact me at chad.t.jones.civ@mail.mil, or hit me up on Twitter @CTJibber.

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