Jibber Jabber – Not a punk


Chad T. Jones, Fort Meade Public Affairs Officer

Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers has left me speechless, gut-sore and contemplating the cancellation of my upcoming Texas-themed Super Bowl party.

Like many Cowboy fans, I’m still reeling from Sunday’s game. But unlike too many of my kind, I’m not going to let another first-round defeat send me into hiding. That’s because I’m not a punk.

I’ve spent the better part of four months bragging about Dallas’ dominance. The least I can do is make myself available for the backlash, bragging and clever memes that are sure to come. However, before you do, remember this: Pride comes before the fall.

So people who want to hate on the Cowboys, remember Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman lost their first playoff game before becoming the most dominant team in NFL history. The ’90s Cowboys was the first team ever to win three Super Bowls in four seasons.

Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott, Dez Bryant and that offense line are young, so this loss might sting but it will likely make them hungry. Not to mention Dallas’ young guns didn’t shy away from the playoff spotlight. Prescott went throw for throw with Rodgers. Bottom line is, Dak won’t fold like Tony Romo.

Speaking of Romo, do you think Dallas is going to get a first- or second-round pick for him? That pick, along with the return of last year’s second-round pick, linebacker Jaylon Smith, means the Boys are going to add plenty of talented young help to their maligned, but underrated defense.

Then, of course, there’s owner Jerry Jones. He’s hungry, he’s become disciplined, and when Romo gets moved, he’ll have plenty of room under the cap to sign a legit playmaker — probably on defense. I’m thinking a nasty-edge pass rusher.

So yeah, Sunday’s loss hurt and the Super Bowl won’t be quite so super. Don’t believe me, check out how many pre-sold tickets went back on the market. But at the end of the day, America’s team is young, talented, hungry and now tested.

And even if none of that was true, at least I’m not a Washington Redskins fan.

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