Jibber Jabber – Jibber speaking his truth in 2018


Chad T. Jones, Public Affairs Officer

It feels like a year since we’ve been together, and not just because the calendar flipped over from ’17 to 2018.

In the three weeks since my last dose, sports and life revealed some of my truths, so let me take Oprah’s advice and share.

For one, it is obvious my now 44-year-old soul is a bit younger and funkier than my peers’ because I absolutely loved Kendrick Lamar’s halftime performance during Monday’s National Championship game.

Seriously, my fellow middle-aged friends on The Facebook are clearly not as hip as the #middleagedgangsta.

How could anyone describe “Humble” — one of the best songs this decade — as “noise” unless their rhythm is akin to the old man sitting on his porch yelling at “those punks” to get off his lawn?

My truth also includes admitting that Nick Saban, as evil as he may be, is the best coach in college football history. And it’s not just the fact he pulled Jalen Hurts, and his 25-2 record, for unknown and seemingly untested freshman QB Tua Tagovailoa at halftime — a decision no other coach in America would or could make in any sport.

It’s the attention to detail that he showed in making sure Tua, 19, was prepared to play and thrive in his first legitimate action since high school.

More to Nick’s greatness is the fact he could pull Tua, and his family, from Hawaii to Alabama. Our Deputy Garrison Commander-Transformation — and Alabama grad — Lt. Col Jay Birmingham can brag about how nice Tuscaloosa is, but it doesn’t take a geography major to realize it isn’t anywhere near as nice as Hawaii.

Yet Slick Nick found a way to get Tua and his family to Roll Tide, and they helped Saban get his sixth national title.

Since we are being truthful, the real National Champions are the Central Florida Golden Knights. They were Division I’s only undefeated team (13-0), and on New Year’s Day they beat Auburn, which happened to beat both Georgia and Alabama this year.

And before you start running junk about strength of schedule, both teams won four games against teams in the AP’s final Top-25 poll. Alabama beat Georgia, Clemson, LSU and Mississippi State. Central Florida beat Auburn, South Florida and Memphis, twice.

More truth: The New England Patriots and Tom Brady showed once again that anyone and everyone can be trifling at times. Is anyone really surprised “Tom Terrific” forced the Pats to trade QB Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers?

Eliminating competition is in our DNA as Kendrick would put it. But if the stories are true, and Brady literally locked Jimmy out of the TB12 facility while they were still on the same team, that’s dirty!

It’s true, I still really love the NFL.

I know the Cowboys have mastered breaking my heart, the game is softer than it used to be, and some of the off-the-field noise is distracting (That’s why ratings are down 10 percent from six years ago) — but Wild Card weekend was great.

Tennessee’s Marcus Mariota literally threw a touchdown to himself, and Buffalo and Carolina each had the ball and a chance to win on the game’s final drive.

Now we are coming up on the best football weekend of the year, and here are my predictions: Jacksonville’s defense is too good for Pittsburgh without Antonio Brown. I like Tennessee, but New England is better.

In the NFC, the Falcons will soar over the Eagles, while Minnesota and New Orleans are set up for a classic that Saints QB Drew Brees will find a way to win.

My final truth (for now) is my youngest, YJ3, is turning 8 next week, and there’s no doubt his dad loves him very much!

If you have comments on this or anything to do with sports, contact me at chad.t.jones.civ@mail.mil, or hit me up on Twitter @CTJibber.

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