Jibber Jabber – Getaway Draft 2017


Chad T. Jones, Public Affairs Officer


It’s been a long summer Jabber Nation: Ramadan, Little League, the hottest week in history, and I’m finally drying out after #NNOStorm that forced the cancellation of Tuesday’s National Night Out.

But alas, by the time you read this, I’ll be halfway to Canada for a richly deserved summer vaca – Camp Madina 2017, followed by a few days on the beach, followed by a few days at Cedar Point, followed by a big nap.

Time away from the grind will be nice, especially since the grind is clutching to me like snot on a child’s finger — six meetings in the last two days. But as always, I’ll miss our regular correspondence.

Where else do I get to wax poetic about Colin Kaepernick getting hosed, men swimming against sharks, the Dodgers landing Yu Darvish at the trade deadline, or football season finally being upon us? (The 2017 NFL previews will start Aug. 23.)

Those last two things are making our friend Brian Riffey giddy.

I actually had a few paragraphs about LaVar Ball suggesting a female referee needed to “stay in her lane.” However, I have no desire to help Ball’s ongoing quest for fame.

The dude was garbage at basketball, and he peddles himself worse than a Kardashian.

With that, I’ll bid you farewell and head off to the meeting before my next-to-the-last meeting before vacation.

While I’m gone …

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