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Chad T. Jones, Public Affairs Officer

Thirty minutes! That’s all I’ve got between the first letter of this column and the last.

That’s what happens when you stack your schedule with physical therapy, a visit from a member of the Israeli government interested in BRAC, and a force protection exercise prebriefing.

BTW, if you see a lot of emergency service vehicles whipping around post this morning — sirens flashing, etc. — don’t post on your social media that Fort Meade’s under attack. It’s only the exercise.

The good thing is, football’s first full weekend provided me with more than enough to talk about.

Seriously, Ohio, Notre Dame, Washington and the Giants losing on the same weekend is better than any Eid gift I’d ever receive. Though Mrs. Jones did hook me up with a sweet, throwback Detroit Tigers jersey: gray shirt, blue block letters outlined with orange trim. I’d post a screen shot, but you’ll see it in my new profile pic next week.

But no jersey, game or piece of memorabilia will ever make me feel as good as when Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield planted the Oklahoma flag at midfield of “The Horseshoe.”

I thought I was a bad man when I sang the Michigan fight song at the top of my lungs in the “Shoe” while touring the place with the Fort Meade Patriots a few years back. But the thought of stabbing a flag right in the middle of that stupid O takes the cake.

Bottom line: At that moment, Baker Mayfield was my new hero and had sewn up any doubt about who should win the Heisman.

Then the knucklehead had to ruin everything by apologizing.

What a millennial thing to do. I mean, he earned that win, and over the years, Ohio has done more than enough to earn the hate. But there Baker was, explaining away one of the greatest moments in college sports.

I would have preferred Baker to be all snippy like Brian Kelly was after Notre Dame’s loss to Georgia.

Umm, I know you were mad, Brian, but it does take a possession to get a point, so the reporter was technically correct, and you continue to technically be a jerk. I would be, too, if I had to coach ND.

OK, I forgot to add in my travel time, so my 30 was technically 20, so I’ll have to leave Kobe Bryant getting two numbers retired and the Cowboys’ dominance until next week — that is, unless Ohio loses again.

Then I’ll probably mention that, especially since they are playing Army.

Until then …

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