Jibber Jabber – A march of contentment

Chad T. Jones, Public Affairs Officer

The month of March has always presented me with a unique challenge: Too many things to do and not enough month to do them.

For example, while some of you are reading this, I’ll be at the Verizon Center watching both Michigan and Michigan State begin their charge toward a Big Ten Conference Tournament title. Then, after a little business meeting, I must go home and watch more basketball.

There is so much great basketball on TV in March, someone should really come up with some clever way to describe the hysteria that basketball causes this time of year. Something with alliteration tying March and madness. Hey, March Madness! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?

While I’m cracking out things that nobody has ever thought of before, there needs to be a way for fans to predict who will win tournament games before they happen.

We could create this thing called a “bracket” — a wonder in sports architecture — and people could fill out the bracket and get points for how many games they get right.

Maybe our housing partner Corvias could give a prize to the person who gets the most points.

If I play my cards right, you all will be thanking me for coming up with something that draws in millions of people who will spend hundreds of millions of dollars and defraud businesses worldwide from billions of hours of work.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Truth be told, we are hosting our ninth annual MeadeTV Bracket challenge. Brackets are due March 16 at noon, and our producer Bryan Spann is working on final prizes — none of which will be more valuable than the pride in being second best. (I’m pretty much a shoo-in.)

Of course, March Madness is only part of my March distraction. Baseball is here! Spring Training is in full swing, the World Baseball Classic just started, and on Saturday, Coach Jones will get back to chomping on Big League Chew in not one, but two Little Leagues.

For the first time ever, I’ll be participating in a player evaluation, which will help me prepare for the Little League Draft.

I won’t lie. Rating 7- to 10-year-olds on how well they run, throw and catch is a bit odd, but at some point, life is boiled down to one big evaluation. So I guess these kids better start now.

I’ll just have to let Little Johnny know that even though I judged him a “5” on the field, he’ll always be No. 1 in my heart.

The evaluation and draft process will, hopefully, help me for the last major distraction of the month — Fantasy Baseball.

I’ve got three leagues lined up and each one has its own draft. I’m picking third in “The League.” So in a bit of strategery, I’m dropping All-Star second baseman Jose Altuve rather than keep him.

Instead, I’m going with first baseman Jose Abreu: a seventh-round value that I get to keep for a 12th-round pick AND Brewers shortstop Jonathan Villar. He is a base-stealing machine who is eligible at 2B, SS and 3B.

Better yet, I picked him up as a free agent last season, so I’m getting this projected fifth-round value with my 21st pick.

So between brackets, drafts, evaluations and nothing but b-ball on TV, my March is booked.

Sure glad I don’t have to worry about things like work, family and taxes.

If you have comments on this or anything to do with sports, contact me at chad.t.jones.civ@mail.mil or hit me up on Twitter @CTJibber.

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