Army Career Skills Program offers opportunities

By U.S. Army Installation Management Command

The Army Career Skills Program is an element of the military life cycle that prepares Soldiers for civilian employment after completing their military service.

The CSP encourages Soldiers to capitalize on training opportunities during transition to turn their military skills into post-service careers.

The CSP is authorized by the Veterans Opportunity to Work Act, and includes opportunities for participation in pre-apprenticeship/apprenticeship, internships, job shadowing, on-the-job training and employment skills training.

To be eligible, Soldiers must expect to be honorably discharged or discharged under honorable conditions, and released from active duty within 180 calendar days of starting a CSP.

Commanders must authorize participation, which was previously limited to a 50-mile radius from a Soldier’s home station.

Headquarters, Department of the Army delegated authority to the Installation Management Command commander in December 2016 to authorize the use of permissive temporary duty, or PTDY, to support Soldier attendance at CSPs outside of the previously restricted 50-mile radius.

The first O-6 commander in the Soldier’s chain of command has the authority to approve up to 30 days of PTDY to attend an Army-approved career skills program. Commanders having general court-martial authority have the authority to approve 31 days or more of PTDY to attend an approved CSP activity.

Opportunities for Soldiers to attend a CSP have largely been based upon a Soldier’s location. Larger installations or those located in larger cities have a variety of CSP courses to offer transitioning Soldiers, while smaller garrisons may only have one or two programs, if any at all.

The Army anticipates an increase in CSP participation as garrisons are able to market these opportunities outside of their local footprints.

IMCOM will continue as the lead in coordinating and reporting PTDY opportunities for CSP. Soldiers interested in utilizing PTDY for CSP will be able to access the opportunity list at the IMCOM Career Skills Program site.

The Career Skills Program aims to set conditions for post-service careers as well as decrease high unemployment compensation paid to veterans.

Permissive temporary duty authority allows more Soldiers to participate in and select CSPs located outside of the 50-mile restriction.

Partner employers recognize the importance Army values and ethos that Soldiers bring to their companies and the benefit from temporary duty opportunities that may allow more Soldiers to participate in their programs.

For more information on the CSP, contact the Fort Meade SFL-TAP office at 301-677-9871 or visit the SFL-TAP website.

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