‘A playground vibe’: Gaffney offers new outdoor workout equipment

Gaffney’s new outdoor exercise equipment, located on the Gaffney track, offers a variety of fitness tools including a crux ladder, an adjustable situp ladder, a loop wall and rings. (Photo by Tynise Jones)

Before the start of the new year, Gaffney Fitness Center installed a variety of outdoor workout equipment for the Fort Meade community.

Painted green and white, the exercise equipment was installed in mid-December near the bleachers on the Gaffney track.

“Think of it as a park for adults,” said Sylvia Garcia, fitness coordinator for Gaffney Fitness Center.

“With the equipment being painted the way it is, with the green and white colors, it’s giving people that playground vibe, but at the same time has the workout concept. That’s what makes it cool.”

The mini-park features plyoboxes, a seated LAT Pull machine, a seated chest press, an adjustable situp ladder and a crux ladder.

Use of the fitness equipment is open to the community. However, Garcia believes those who will mostly take advantage of it are runners and walkers who exercise at the track.

“Something that usually happens with runners is they tend to stay outside,” Garcia said. “Even if they do come into the gym, they tend to stick to running.

“I believe the runners and walkers will be curious and motivated enough to give the outdoor equipment a try, mainly because it’s out there, and it’s away from all of the excitement of working out in a crowded gym.”

The outdoor gym focuses on core strength, back and chest.

“It could be used as a mini-circuit for Soldiers during physical training,” Garcia said.

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