PAO communicates the Fort Meade story

Guest Column

Sherry Kuiper, Media Relations Specialist, Public Affairs Office

Communication is everything. It’s what makes us human.

Everything we do as individuals communicates something, even without uttering a single word.

How does an Army post with thousands of people communicate? How do we manage communications with the thousands of people who call Fort Meade home?

That’s where your Fort Meade Garrison Public Affairs Office comes in.

It is our mission to the tell Fort George G. Meade’s story. Your story.

The garrison PAO serves as the main point of contact for anyone interested in learning more about Fort Meade.

What is the Fort Meade story? It is everything from the innovations in cyber operations taking place on post to the professional and human interest stories of service members and their families to what is going on in our schools.

We are loud and proud about all of the good things you accomplish every day.

There are many others who are very interested in Fort Meade’s success. To meet those informational needs, your PAO is set up to address those internal, external and community audiences in three areas.

Command Information is responsible for disseminating the commander’s intent internally in serving the needs and interests of Fort Meade’s military and civilian audience.

The Soundoff! newspaper, Fort Meade’s official website and our social media platforms, including the Fort Meade app, are all examples of Command Information. This is how you can stay connected to what is happening on post and how it affects you. It’s also a great way to stay involved in your Fort Meade community and learn about activities and events happening around post.

If you’ve participated in an Orioles Youth Baseball Clinic or a back-to-school event to get a new backpack for your child, then you have experienced the benefit of Community Relations.

Community Relations works with non-governmental groups, civic organizations and other federal, state and local governments to bring services and opportunities to enhance the quality of life of those who live and work at Fort Meade.

Some of those groups include the Community Covenant Council, Fort Meade Alliance and the BWI Partnership. It also focuses efforts on making sure the local, regional and state governments understand what is transpiring on Fort Meade and how those actions may impact the communities where some Fort Meade employees make their home.

Media Relations works with television and radio stations, commercial newspapers and blogs to tell the Fort Meade story externally. When news happens at Fort Meade, we work to make sure the post is well represented.

It’s not just news, though.

Anne Arundel County came on post to film a documentary, which will be released Nov. 10.

One of our big labors this year is a history book, “Fort Meade: The First 100 Years,” which will be available at no charge on Nov. 9. You can find it online at

Staying connected with the PAO is your way to stay connected with not only Fort Meade, but the community outside the fence that works to support Fort Meade. There are a number of ways you can do that:

  • The ‘Fort George G. Meade’ app is available for your smartphone or tablet device from any app store. The app is a great way to get important alerts concerning Fort Meade such as gate closures, post closings and other emergency alerts.

Use the app as your one-stop shop for housing contacts, non-emergency police numbers or reporting problems on post.

Stay connected; share your Fort Meade story.

Team Meade!

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