HCB field training exercise enhances skills: 241st MPs train in riot control on final day

Sgt. 1st Class Robert Camp (center) runs through baton combat moves during the military police training course, “Reaction to Civil Disturbance.” Members of the 241st MP Detachment at Fort Meade participated in the training Friday morning at the Camp Fretterd Readiness Center in Reisterstown. (Photos by Nate Pesce)

Fort Meade Public Affairs Office

From land navigation to holster drills and riot control, members of Headquarters Command Battalion tested their military skills on a five-day training event near their Fort Meade home base.

The training, which began Sept. 18 and ended Friday, was held at the Camp Fretterd Readiness Center in Reisterstown.

Soldiers of HCB, who are responsible for maintaining the readiness of Fort Meade, work routinely on their soldiering skills.

HCB Commander Lt. Col. Gittipong Paruchabutr and other members of the HCB leadership team joined partner units to conduct day and night land navigation training, weapons training, small-unit movement operations, first aid tasks, military operations in urban terrain, and active-shooter scenarios, along with other critical reinforcement operations.

“Although 241st MP Detachment’s primary mission is to ensure security, safety, and good order and discipline on post, they remain trained and ready for combat deployments and contingency operations as directed by the Military District of Washington,” Paruchabutr said.

On the final day, members of the 241st Military Police Detachment trained in “React to a Civil Disturbance,” using shields, helmets and batons.

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