RMO’s high-performance team

Guest Column

Sandres Mann, Director, Resource Management Office

This column is not so much about the work that is done in the Fort Meade Garrison Resource Management Office; it’s about recognizing the people who do the work.

This office has onboard 13 employees of the 15 authorized. They are responsible for management and accountability of all garrison resources, appropriated funds and manpower. This includes an annual operating budget of approximately $120 million and 418 civilian authorizations.

I’ve been a supervisor/manager for the past 30-plus years and this is one of the best, if not the best, group of employees I’ve supervised. While some may find it inappropriate to laud the expertise and professionalism of their own team, I find it very appropriate.

In today’s environment of diminished resources, we have less and less people who are doing more and more work to keep an organization performing at the basic level of operation.

Retaining high-performance personnel is also becoming more difficult because of limited upward mobility and pay. Funds for monetary awards are declining as well.

Many high-performing employees like the ones in RMO have received so many honorary awards, they’re just filing them into a drawer. This is why I feel it’s important to honor the RMO employees in this public media for their selfless service and dedication to the Fort Meade mission.

They make it clear they are not concerned about awards but only providing the very best service possible. Every duty day, they are busy coordinating, communicating and working issues with garrison leadership, directorates, ID-S, Installation Management Command staff directorates, tenant units and individual customers.

The work includes working with tenant commands as high as the National Security Agency to the smallest unit on the Fort Meade garrison.

Ongoing daily activities performed by the RMO team include civilian in- and out-processing, resolving civilian pay issues, review and assisting with travel issues in the Defense Travel System, Inter-Intra Service Support Agreements’ functional requirements, and preparing Civilian Permanent Change of Station orders (a function relinquished by Civilian Personnel Office).

Other functions are preparing Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests, fund execution accountability in General Fund Enterprise Business System and Wide Area Workflow, adjusting fund execution against actual disbursement, contract monitoring and fund issue resolution, Financial Systems and access management.

Responsibilities such as Automated Time Attendance and Production System management and access control, managing the constant changes in the garrison’s Table of Distribution and Allowances, and preparing and submitting Requests for Personnel Actions are also among the many manpower and financial related functions performed.

RMO is also often where people come and call for information about where to go for a specific service not related to RMO. From my observation, RMO employees always take the time and make every effort to graciously provide assistance.

The RMO team does this with the utmost professionalism and expertise, treating all as most valuable customers. I feel that as the manager, I can be out of office at any given time, for any length of time, and operations will continue in a seamless manner.

So, I express my gratitude and appreciation to my awesome RMO team for all of the mostly unseen, sometimes unrecognized and thankless work they do so well.

Team Meade!

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