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Fort Meade Police engage the community during “Coffee With A Cop.” (Photo by Lt. Jeremiah Irvin/Fort Meade Police

During this time of reflection, selfless giving and community engagement, the Fort Meade community binds even closer to meet needs and encourage one another.

One way community members come together is the Fort Meade Community Council, which regularly meets with senior leadership and representatives of other community groups and private organizations that are part of the Fort Meade community.

The meetings, held the last Thursday of every other month, provide an opportunity to share information about what’s happening on post.

They also provide a forum to address issues that affect a large portion of the people living and working on Fort Meade, and bring those issues to the attention of those in a position to make changes.

You can view online some of the issues presented and discussed at the bimonthly meetings at:

Or, if you’re leading an organization that has not been involved with the Community Council, you have an opportunity to attend and represent your members.

Here’s a link to the last Community Council meeting:

While we’re talking about councils and organizations that focus on community issues, another of the quality-of-life organizations is the Installation Traffic Safety Council that meets quarterly.

Under the leadership of the Directorate of Emergency Services, the council studies and researches all things traffic that relate to access to the installation and traffic flow (automotive and pedestrian) around the installation.

The Traffic Safety Council has been instrumental in ensuring access to Fort Meade and locations on the installation while addressing the safety and security of Fort Meade’s people.

Some of the issues addressed focused on routinely used access points that needed attention such as the turn signal timing for turning onto Fort Meade from Route 175 at the Llewellyn Avenue gate during morning rush hours, or the approach speeds for accessing the Rockenbach Road gate onto Fort Meade.

Other issues being addressed are not so apparent such as lighting at the Rockenbach Road gate, or the consistency of speed limit signage for motor vehicles.

The work of other councils and committees is also shared as the work of researching and providing recommendations on community-based issues to decision-makers evolve over time.

The work of the Environmental Quality Control Committee and several other organizations are reported on routinely in Soundoff! (print version and the online version at and the other Fort Meade communications media to keep our community informed and engaged.

Fort Meade community members and supporters have outlets in place to assist in meeting work life and home life needs, and provide a way for members of Team Meade to help keep Fort Meade a “Frontline Fort” as the “nation’s platform for intelligence, information and cyber operations.”

Team Meade!

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