Don’t be a dead ped: safety tips for pedestrians

The U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center offers tips to pedestrians for off-duty safety awareness.

As a pedestrian, you can greatly increase your odds of reaching your destination by following these tips:

  • First and foremost, see and be seen. Most pedestrian mishaps occur at night, so it pays to be especially vigilant after dark.
  • Always wear a substantial amount of reflective clothing and carry a flashlight.

But don’t let that make you overconfident. Just because a driver sees a tiny flash of light up ahead doesn’t guarantee he will recognize it as a person.

  • During the day, make eye contact with the driver and hold your hand up before stepping out in front of a vehicle.

Many drivers are distracted. Don’t assume a driver is going to stop just because the light is red and the car is slowing down.

Drivers who text are known to slow down and speed up erratically. Make sure they see you.

  • Use the crosswalk and don’t suddenly step out from behind a parked vehicle or some other visual obstruction halfway down the street.

Use all your senses when on foot. Look both ways and be hyperaware of your surroundings, whether you are near a roadway or crossing a parking lot.

Both at night and during the day, be predictable. Be where you are supposed to be and where drivers expect you to be.

  • Avoid walking while impaired by alcohol.

The same factors that make drinking and driving a dangerous undertaking are equally true of drinking and walking. Better for you and your friends to skip one drink and pool the money for cab fare.

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