Through The Years: Fort Meade’s 100th Anniversary Gala is here!

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Soldiers in the 385th Infantry march in formation during training at Fort Meade in 1942. (Photo courtesy Fort Meade Public Affairs Office)

For more on Fort Meade’s history, please visit The Laurel Leader’s story on Fort Meade being an internment camp for POWs during World War I here.

Also, please visit The Baltimore Sun for a story on how Maryland was changed by the creation of Fort Meade and Aberdeen Proving Ground 100 years ago.

For a Children’s Coloring Activity, click here.

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  1. As the son of a member of the 29th Division who was at Omaha Beach on D-Day, I always find stories of the history of Fort Meade interesting. My father,Clifton Bitgood, was from Connecticut, but when he enlisted in 1942, he was sent to Fort Meade for basic training. I know he had memories of Meade. When my parents visited us in Laurel in the early 1970’s enroute to Arizona to live, I asked if he wanted to go through Fort Meade one day when were going somewhere. He declined saying he had seen enough of it.

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