Respect is a core value at Meade High

Garrison Commander Col. Tom Rickard


Congratulations to Meade High School Principal John Yore on being selected as Principal of the Year by the Maryland School Counselor Association!

I had the opportunity to visit with Principal Yore last week and tour Meade High School for a few hours.

After visiting with a dozen student ambassadors and members of the Junior Reserve Officer’s Training program, I was absolutely impressed with the students’ level of maturity, ability to communicate, and thoughtfulness.

We toured the school, stopped in several classrooms, and chatted with the students. In each case, I encountered engaged students and engaged educators — as well as some thoroughly dissected squid in the biology class.

Of course, I realize that I was touring with the principal and such visits rarely see the bad days that every school may have. But the conversations with students were unprompted and extremely candid about how they view their school and fellow students.

Even the students who had minor complaints about some aspect of the school articulated their issues in a sensible and respectful way.

As I learned later, the value most central to the success of Meade High School is respect. “Make every interaction a respectful one” — to paraphrase the many posters and bulletins that I saw prominently posted around the school.

In a school of more than 2,000 students on an Army installation straddling the security fence, in which 80 percent of the students are not military-affiliated children, the opportunities for friction and misunderstanding are far greater than might be found in other county schools.

But the students, educators, staff and parents make Meade High School a family effort, based on mutual respect.

The Meade High family includes more than 740 economically disadvantaged children, yet nearly 80 percent of the graduates proceed to attend two-year and four-year colleges and universities.

Outstanding programs with the Department of Homeland Security, the National Security Agency and the International Baccalaureate Programme are just a few examples of great opportunities at Meade High.

I believe that the core value of respectful interactions is the key to success — not only at Meade High School, but for each of us as people.

My personal thanks to the educators, staff and students of Meade High School for a great visit and for setting a good example.

Let us take heed of the wisdom of our children and try our best each day to make every interaction a respectful one.

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