A Ready and Resilient Installation

Commander's Column

Garrison Commander Col. Tom Rickard

Lt. Gen. Kenneth R. Dahl, commanding general of U.S. Army Installation Management Command, recently issued Annual Command Guidance for Fiscal Year 2018, and I want to share some of the key elements that will impact the Fort Meade community.

  • The IMCOM five priorities, in order: (1) Infrastructure; (2) Emergency Services; (3) Support to Training; (4) Soldier Programs; and (5) Family Programs.
  • “We must divest of lowest priority services; we must reshape programs and services to align with force structure, statutory requirements, and the fiscal environment; and we must invest in services and infrastructure that support training and power projection.”
  • Enforce Ready and Resilient Integration:

“Do not deliver service and support to a Soldier without the chain of command’s awareness and involvement.”

  • “IMCOM will not use non-appropriated funds to offset financial losses of underperforming programs. Create a new culture and mind-set for family and MWR employees as well as realistic expectations for our Soldiers and families.”

For context, during an interview at Fort Detrick in April 2016, Lt. Gen. Dahl noted that many services provided over the past 15 years will no longer be available.

He observed that, “We have been allowing ourselves to treat Soldiers too softly and, frankly, what Soldiers and their families need to do is thrive in an austere and a Spartan environment. They have to be tough, resilient and rugged.”

Every installation is adjusting services to increase the readiness and resiliency of its service members, civilians and family members. What we do, we will do well, but we must reduce some services and eliminate others.

Any reductions will be communicated with full transparency and with as much advance notice as possible.

The Fort Meade community can trust that our IMCOM professionals will honor our pledge to customers, and our garrison leaders will honor their leadership pledge to our IMCOM professionals.

As a community, we have enjoyed the blessings of wonderful volunteers and friendly neighbors helping each other. Please continue to help each other maintain perspective and discern inconvenience from crisis.

Let our sense of community teamwork continue to be our hallmark and let us always remember why we volunteered to serve our nation.

Team Meade!

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