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Commander's Column

Garrison Commander Col. Tom Rickard

We look forward to another opportunity to communicate with the Fort Meade community through social media during our next Facebook Town Hall on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

At our last town hall, we were fortunate to have many community members provide questions and comments about activities happening at Fort Meade.

Thanks to your comments, we have been able to pay particular attention to how we work the improvements to security at our access control points.

Although the opening of the Rockenbach ACP has been delayed, we’ve been able to reopen the Llewellyn Gate with access on a limited basis to help with traffic flow during critical movement times. We were able to move the timeline up and open Llewellyn earlier than our plans called for.

Your comments and concerns regarding excessive speeding on post highlighted a long-standing issue that led us to install speed-calming measures throughout the post as well as targeted placement of officers in areas where speeding occurs.

We continue to monitor traffic movement, and we pay particular attention to irresponsible driving partly because you highlighted it as a serious concern during the Town Hall.

Although we were already in the process of hiring additional security officers, increased focus on that issue because of the heightened concerns expressed during the Town Hall elevated the importance of getting the Mapes/175 gate operational for better access control.

Our monitoring of traffic flow tells us that Mapes’ opening has had a positive impact on managing access to and from Fort Meade.

Also, the issues you raised regarding notifications and instructions during weather or other emergency events led us, in coordination with our Corvias partners, to publicize more visibly the Corvias emergency call number and put additional emphasis on community members signing up for Fort Meade text alerts.

More importantly, the discussion led to our developing a “Fort George G. Meade App” that is available for free download on your personal mobile device.

We have made decisions on what to include as categories for the app based on your comments and thoughts during the Facebook Town Hall, as well as other communications gatherings to ensure the app is useful and timely to meet your work and family life needs.

Our team was pleased with the quality of the thoughtful questions posed by the community.

Through the various forms of communication, we can assure the Fort Meade community that the garrison and its leaders are sensitive to your concerns.

Recent developments at Fort Meade include the Task Force Echo cyber unit standup and assumption of responsibilities from the 169th Cyber Protection Team as the nation continues to bring together the skills, knowledge and abilities we need in the cyber warfare domain.

Just a couple of days ago, the Defense Department announced that U.S. Cyber Command has been redesignated a Combatant Command. It will be taking its place among the most senior operational commands in our military force structure and putting added recognition of the importance of being successful in the cyber arena.

Join us online at Tuesday’s Town Hall. Share your thoughts, concerns and questions with the garrison staff.

We will address each directly during the Town Hall or within 48 hours.

We welcome the entire Fort Meade community to take part in making the vision for Fort Meade become a reality.

Team Meade!

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