DPTMS: Managing services while growing

Mary Staab, Chief, DPTMS

The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security is going through some changes this year as Fort Meade continues to grow.

DPTMS provides training support to all services on the installation. DPTMS has multiple facilities and training areas that service members can use including McGill Training Center, Smallwood Hall, the Post Theater, McGlachlin Parade Field and training areas near the ranges.

Within all of our facilities, units have the ability to instruct courses in a classroom environment with the multiple audio and video capabilities at their disposal.

McGill has six classrooms and a ballroom that units can reserve online through the Event Management System on a first-come, first-served basis up to six months in advance of the booking date.

McGill can host various training events, promotion/retirement ceremonies, and nonprofit functions such as job fairs and Army Community Service functions.

In addition to being able to reserve training space at McGilll, there are several resources units can reserve to support training and events.

Near the weapons ranges, DPTMS has three training areas that units can reserve to enhance basic Soldier skills. DPTMS offers a Land Navigation Course, CS Gas Chamber and Obstacle Course.

For units to reserve these areas, they must submit an operations order or concept of the operations PowerPoint with a signed risk assessment from a commander.

For the Land Navigation area, the staff will provide all the maps and students’ lane sheets. Answer keys will be provided electronically through email to the identified instructor.

Once approved and units receive the materials, all they have to do is print the material and check in with the staff at McGill before occupying the Land Navigation Course.

The obstacle course is available for units to build team cohesion and test their confidence on each obstacle. DPTMS is in the process of requesting funding to update and renovate the obstacle course.

In addition to training support, McGill has flags sets — all 50 states and six territories, Army General Officer flags, SES (Senior Executive Service) flag, and all Uniformed Services Branch flags — plus audio and visual equipment (PA systems and projectors) and canopies (four 10×10 and 10×20) available for units to reserve for training, special events or changes of command.

Contact McGill Training Center at 301-677-2624 if you would like additional training support information.

After years of operations and supporting the community, the Post Museum will be closing its doors later this year.

The museum has chronicled Fort Meade’s history from “Saddles to Cyberspace” — World War I horse-mounted units and original home of the Armor School to the present day, combating cyber threats — through exhibits, artifacts and memoirs.

Come visit, schedule your ceremony or event. The museum is a great venue for ceremonies, promotions, retirements, changes of responsibility/command — whatever needs to have a perfect setting to commemorate the occasion.

For information, call the Post Museum at 301-677-7054.

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