Farewell, Team Meade!

Commander's Column

Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Rodwell L. Forbes


As I prepared this week’s column, it struck me that it will be the last article I write as your garrison command sergeant major.

So I am going to use this as my opportunity to say farewell and thank you for the many invaluable experiences that I have gained during my time here.

It has truly been a privilege to serve you for the last two years and four months. Thank you for being a member of this team, Team Meade, and allowing me to serve you.

When I think about this great team, I think about the acronym “Together Everyone Achieves More” because it best describes my experience working together with command leadership teams, service members, garrison teammates, tenant organizations, community partners, and our veterans and retirees.

As I reflect on the various projects, I credit this team — working with Soldiers, service members, garrison teammates and tenant organizations — for the progress and changes that have taken place during my assignment. You participated in ceremonies honoring our veterans to ensure they know that they continue to be valued members of the military family and ensure they are honored for their contributions.

This was accomplished through ceremonies, tributes and teamwork that have become synonymous with the term Team Meade.

It inspires me to know we have such a talented workforce of people and volunteers who are dedicated and committed to ensuring that Fort Meade continues to move forward to achieve even more. The best is yet to come.

There are far too many teammates to mention by name so to my friends and family at DPW, DHR, DES, DFMWR, DPTMS, PAO, RSO, PAIO, EEO, EOO HAC, ISO, IRACO, RMO, SJA, CPAC, IG, LRC, MICC and the NEC – thank you!

I would also like to recognize especially the command group support team of Karen, Pam, Lorraine, Spc. Jones and the additional drivers in the HQ building for providing prompt service and excellent support to all who served in the garrison. Thank you from the sincerity of my heart.

Our partner commands and tenants, including the many Fort Meade clubs and associations, have been super supportive and deserve great credit and admiration for all they do for the Fort Meade community — seen and unseen. Thank you!

My very personal thanks to our senior enlisted partners and Headquarters Command Battalion for always covering down when needed and taking care of other partner organizations.

The Better Opportunities for Single Service Members (BOSS) association is the glue that keeps our single service members together. It has truly been an honor to serve with you.

It has been an honor to serve alongside the service members and cadets for the Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day, BWI Youth Partnership, Queenstown Celebrations, Honor Salutes and Veterans Day observances. Your faithfulness to serve others who served before you speaks volumes to your character.

Fort Meade, Team Meade — people taking care of people must be among the highest priority on your list. Your attitude, spirit and the way you treat people make a difference.

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, technology changes every year, equipment is bought and sold, but people are everlasting and will always be here.

I encourage all of you to continue all of the great work you are doing to transform this installation into the 21st-century operational platform for information, intelligence and cyber operations.

From “Team Forbes” to yours, farewell and have a blessed, fruitful and overcoming day!

Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Rodwell L. Forbes

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