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By Daniel A. Lauretano, Supervisory Attorney Advisor, Claims Division,, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

Since July 5, U.S. Army installation claims offices no longer process and adjudicate personnel claims.

The U.S. Army Center for Personnel Claims Support, located at Fort Knox, Ky., was established as the centralized processing and adjudication center for all Army claims.

Personnel claims include claims for loss or damage to household goods and privately owned vehicles during PCS shipment, or damage to personal property while stored at government expense.

Personnel claims also include loss or damage to personal property, located in government quarters or other authorized locations, caused by events such as storms, floods or power outages.

Soldiers and Department of the Army civilian employees are eligible to file personnel claims under certain circumstances. The new Center for Personnel Claims Support now processes all claims of Soldiers and employees in CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Soldiers and their family members, and DA civilian employees filing for household goods damaged or lost during a PCS move must give notice of their intent to file a claim by providing the Transportation Service Provider the pink form (DD Form 1840/1840R “Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Delivery/Notice of Loss and/or Damage”) within 75 days from the date of delivery.

Once notice is given, claimants must file a complete claim with the TSP — including information on damaged items, original purchase price, repair estimates and replacement costs — within nine months from the date of delivery.

If the TSP does not act on the claim, or is unable to reach a reasonable settlement with the claimant, the claimant must file those claims online and electronically submit required documents to the CPCS at

For more information on how to file a claim, go to or call the CPCS at 1-502-626-3000 or DSN 536-3000.

You also may email CPCS at

For any claims filed before July 5, 2017, or for general information, call the Fort Meade Claims Office at 301-677-9960.

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