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UCONN: Basketball capital of the world

February 22, 2017 Soundoff! 0

By Marcia Eastland, Protestant Education Coordinator at Argonne Hills Chapel Center I am long-time fan of the University of Connecticut Lady Huskies Basketball Program. It has been suggested to me by Chad Jones that this […]

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Jibber Jabber – Love for Mr. I

February 15, 2017 Chad Jones 0

I’m writing you on this Valentine’s Day with a heart full of joy. And why wouldn’t it be? The Luke Cage soundtrack is pumping through my speakers. Our friend Marcia Eastland committed to writing next week’s […]

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Jibber Jabber – Not a punk

January 18, 2017 Chad Jones 0

Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers has left me speechless, gut-sore and contemplating the cancellation of my upcoming Texas-themed Super Bowl party. Like many Cowboy fans, I’m still reeling from Sunday’s game. But unlike too many of […]

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Jibber Jabber – Christmas Time

December 21, 2016 Chad Jones 0

So this is Xmas. It’s Christmas time at old Fort Meade. I don’t do pork, so I’m not eating collard greens. Nor is there a Christmas tree because our presents get opened on Eid. However, […]

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