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Jibber Jabber – Getaway Draft 2017

August 2, 2017 Chad Jones 0

Ahhhhhhhhh! It’s been a long summer Jabber Nation: Ramadan, Little League, the hottest week in history, and I’m finally drying out after #NNOStorm that forced the cancellation of Tuesday’s National Night Out. But alas, by […]

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Jibber Jabber – It’s just hair, right?

July 19, 2017 Chad Jones 0

You’re going to hear something I’ve never said before. I agree with Shannon Sharpe. His point about Michael Vick’s suggestion that Colin Kaepernick needs a haircut is wrong and perpetuates racial stereotypes that insist how […]

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Jibber Jabber – Don’t hate, appreciate

July 5, 2017 Chad Jones 0

Happy belated Fourth of July everyone! Here’s hoping your fingers are intact, your heartburn diminished and your pride in Murica renewed. I celebrated by watching “Independence Day” and was almost brought to tears by President […]

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Jibber Jabber – An Opioitic Burden

June 21, 2017 Chad Jones 0

Around 3 a.m. on May 29, Eldrick “Tiger” Woods was arrested for DUI. By the time the morning news finished its cycle, people were making jokes and speculations about what happened: Were there women in […]

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Jibber Jabber – Warriors-Cavs III

May 31, 2017 Chad Jones 0

It’s been lurking on our tubes and interwebs for eight days. Actually, more like the past eight months. Golden State Warriors versus the Cleveland Cavaliers version III — The King versus KD, Kyrie versus Steph, […]

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Jibber Jabber – Pre-fasting hijinks

May 24, 2017 Chad Jones 0

Saturday is the first day of Ramadan, which, for those of you who are unaware, is the holiest month of the Islamic year. According to Islamic tradition, Ramadan is the month when the Qu’ran was […]

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