Community News

‘A fine young man’

March 8, 2017 Larry Whitley 1

In the course of living, we may understand that life is perishable, but we are rarely prepared for the expiration date. When life ends unexpectedly, we are severely affected across the spectrum of emotions. Such […]

Community News

‘Education is Emancipation’

March 1, 2017 Larry Whitley 0

By Larry Whitley Sr. and Sherry Kuiper, Fort Meade Public Affairs Office  “I just have to sing.” The refrain and title of a popular song was performed by the MacArthur Middle School Honors Chorus to […]

Guest Column

National Mentoring Month and Fort Meade schools

January 18, 2017 Larry Whitley 0

The Anne Arundel County Public Schools on Fort Meade continue to improve the educational offerings and socialization of students through embracing opportunities beyond the core instructional aspects within the public school system. With January designated […]